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Introduction Post


Well the time has finally come that I created my own space on the web again. I believe its been about 2 or 3 years since I actually had my own website. This does not include free blogs that I have scattered all over wordpress and blogger either. Though with the mention of that brings the real reason for this site. All of my previous blogs were very specific to a topic yet all but one of them were game related. It became too difficult to try and keep up with regular content for each one of them. So the creation of the CFallsGamer website idea popped into my head. Why not just have a blog that I post anything game related?

This site will include Tabletop Gaming such as Flames of War, Warhammer 40K and Malifaux as well as the hobby related to this games. There will also be the occasional board game post as my friends and family all enjoy a good game. Once in awhile there may even be an infrequent PC Game related post and finally the every so rare console game topic.

My current gaming love is for the 15mm WWII miniature game Flames of War. I have a backlog of post topics to get through as well as being in the process of building a new gaming table and 2 separate armies. The first thing I plan to do though is consolidate my old gaming blogs into archive posts here on I sure hope you enjoy what I share in the future and by all means, come back often and don’t forget to leave some feedback whether its positive or negative. All that I ask is that it be constructive if negative.