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Grass Mats as Crops (15mm)

As I was browsing the web seeing videos and pictures of gaming tables I noticed various types of grass mats being used as crops which looked fairly well at the 15mm scale. I figured I would give it a shot and picked up a large welcome style grass mat. I will admit cutting it was really easy with a sharp utility knife. I simply turned it over so the backing was facing up and proceeded to cut a few different pieces. I had a couple of rectangles and a couple of irregular pieces so not everything on the table would look cookie cutter.

The pictures below show the scale with various Flames of War 15mm scale models. The only things I am thinking of doing additionally is to drybrush some lighter colored paint to the tops of them and maybe even add some dirt and/or fencing to some edges. But for quick down and dirty games this will due for now!








Nebelwerfer Command & Recon

After sharing the video of my recently painted Nebelwerfer platoon I decided to also share some still photos. Since I have 4 angles of each base I thought it would be best to split the post in half so there weren’t so many photos trying to load on a single post.

First is the Command unit:





Next is the recon BMW Motorcycle that came with the platoon:





Flames of War 15cm NW

This is a showcase for my latest painted Flames of War models. These are the 15cm Neberwerfer rocket launchers for my German army. The models are made by Battlefront Miniatures and are in 15mm scale.

I learned a lot in painting up this platoon. Though it is too late for most of my forces, I prefer painting the models prior to basing them. I have much more control over the painting angles that way. Unfortunately, I have already based most of my American and German forces already.

I am sure I will go back and touch up a lot of things. The HD camera picks up a lot of things I didn’t see at first with the naked eye. It makes sense to me now, but I hadn’t noticed the chin straps of the helmets until after I recorded the 360 degree HD video. I look at it this way, I never stop learning and will know to look for that next time.

15cm Nebelwerfers

I made a bit of progress on my German 15cm NW41 this week. I actually got all of my based models primed this past weekend. I used a camo green for all of my U.S. troops and a grey for my Germans. I had to do some traveling for work this week but packed up some paints, brushes and grabbed my case of German troops to take with me.

While I was in the hotel the first evening I managed to get some base coating down on most of the guns and flesh work. I am rather pleased how the guns are coming along and I hope after a wash they will be done. I don’t think I will even put black paint on the tires. I am thinking the wash will darken them enough. There will be some weathering taking place after that as I try to achieve a similar look to the one I used in my feature image. That image of course is from the spotlight page on the Flames of War website. If you haven’t been there you must check it out. I can’t get over the amount of information there. It goes beyond just selling people gaming pieces!













Adepticon 2013

I will try this again. Last year I tried to attend my first gaming convention with plans for multiple throughout the year. Unfortunately, that didn’t happen. Work and other personal things prevented that from happening. I have scheduled my first convention this year and have even reserved my hotel. The first planned gaming convention of 2013 will be Adepticon in the Chicago, IL area.

adepticon 2013

I haven’t signed up for any tournament play for many reasons. These are mostly due to me not being familiar with rule sets of the games that I work on in the hobby. I haven’t played a game of Warhammer 40,000 in well over a year. I have played Malifaux in probably 6 months and I’ve yet to play more than an introduction or starter game of Flames of War.

So my big plan here is to witness a lot of these games and some others being played and maybe get in some pick up games here and there. I will be bringing some of my miniatures with me of course.

I have also signed up for a single technical session (or whatever they are called here) which was for the Hirst Arts Terrain and Casting. As I really enjoy building terrain and am looking for ideas or instruction of creating my own molds and just using molds in general, this seems right up my alley. I even own some 28mm size Hirst Arts molds but have yet to use them. This is mostly due to the transition from 28mm to 15mm gaming recently.

I am planning to drop into a convention sooner than that which is in an area where my company has an office. I may be out that way during the time of the convention but I don’t want to announce that trip until I lock in dates.

If you are planning on attending Adepticon drop me a line and maybe we can hook up for a game, discuss other new games or just grab a beverage or two as long as you’re of appropriate age of course! I am really excited about this experience and hope to run into some other people from the gaming community be it bloggers, YouTubers or just gamers.

PSC 15mm Tiger I

I found some time a couple of days ago to crack open my box of Plastic Soldier Company’s Tiger I Tank kit. This kit comes with 4 sprue trees with not only the parts to make 4 tanks but also comes with instructions! I have to admit having instructions was a wonderful addition and something I was not used to with miniature wargaming models or figures.

I liked that the pieces and instructions give you options for 3 different time periods (Early, Mid & Late). All 33 pieces used to assemble a late era Tiger Tank went together well for me. There was very little cleaning needed on the parts. The only odd thing for me is the completely assembled tank is extremely light in weight and actually feels kind of awkward next to Battlefront or another pre-painted version I purchased.

I did a quick video review for this and posted it to my YouTube channel. You can view the video here.

Base Work Pak40 & Nebs

My previous basing mixture failed. The glue, baking soda and paint just didn’t have the consistency that I was looking for. I have switched back to my trusty old drywall plaster. Free time is in a premium for me these days but I was able to get an hour last night to work on some of my German Nebelwerfer and Pak40 units. The main thing with the drywall plaster is I have to remain patient with the application. I use a dental tool to apply the plaster which lets me get into small spaces with minimal effort or getting too much on pieces that I don’t want to. This isn’t always achieved but as long as I go in with a patient mentality I am usually alright.

The first units I worked on were my 3 Nebelwerfer bases which went fairly well. You can start to see how fast this stuff dries. Since its winter it is warm and dry in my house which may make this stuff dry faster than normal. It also dries faster with thinner layers.


You can already see the pink (wet) plaster drying around the edges becoming white. By the time I started working with the Pak40 guns not only were the Nebelwerfer bases half dried but the top layer in my little pail of plaster was starting to dry. I decided to call it a night after only a single Pak40 to prevent the unused plaster from drying out too much.



I have the weekend off work and am home and in town. I hope to not only finish the Pak40’s but also move onto some of my infantry units. I will keep the site updated with my progress as I can.


Mold Casting Tutorial

First, let me share the fact that the channel Rubbish In Rubbish Out was one of the main reasons I got into miniature painting and gaming. Last year Viv shared a video that started showing how he creates his own silicone molds for casting. I even went as far as purchasing some materials to give this a try. Well work and other real life things caught up with me and I never followed through.

This morning I was in my home “office” watching some videos passing “time” and was getting caught up on some of his videos that I’ve missed the past few months. The one below was part one in a very well detailed process of how he makes his molds for casting. I just wanted to take the time here to share his great channel and this video. This video has inspired me to finish getting what I need to create some molds and give casting a try. This will only be used by me to create things such as terrain fences, rocks or maybe even some bases. I have no plans or intentions of creating items others have first only to take money out of their pockets. This should be a creative process and not a theft process.

Introduction Post


Well the time has finally come that I created my own space on the web again. I believe its been about 2 or 3 years since I actually had my own website. This does not include free blogs that I have scattered all over wordpress and blogger either. Though with the mention of that brings the real reason for this site. All of my previous blogs were very specific to a topic yet all but one of them were game related. It became too difficult to try and keep up with regular content for each one of them. So the creation of the CFallsGamer website idea popped into my head. Why not just have a blog that I post anything game related?

This site will include Tabletop Gaming such as Flames of War, Warhammer 40K and Malifaux as well as the hobby related to this games. There will also be the occasional board game post as my friends and family all enjoy a good game. Once in awhile there may even be an infrequent PC Game related post and finally the every so rare console game topic.

My current gaming love is for the 15mm WWII miniature game Flames of War. I have a backlog of post topics to get through as well as being in the process of building a new gaming table and 2 separate armies. The first thing I plan to do though is consolidate my old gaming blogs into archive posts here on I sure hope you enjoy what I share in the future and by all means, come back often and don’t forget to leave some feedback whether its positive or negative. All that I ask is that it be constructive if negative.