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Adepticon 2013

I will try this again. Last year I tried to attend my first gaming convention with plans for multiple throughout the year. Unfortunately, that didn’t happen. Work and other personal things prevented that from happening. I have scheduled my first convention this year and have even reserved my hotel. The first planned gaming convention of 2013 will be Adepticon in the Chicago, IL area.

adepticon 2013

I haven’t signed up for any tournament play for many reasons. These are mostly due to me not being familiar with rule sets of the games that I work on in the hobby. I haven’t played a game of Warhammer 40,000 in well over a year. I have played Malifaux in probably 6 months and I’ve yet to play more than an introduction or starter game of Flames of War.

So my big plan here is to witness a lot of these games and some others being played and maybe get in some pick up games here and there. I will be bringing some of my miniatures with me of course.

I have also signed up for a single technical session (or whatever they are called here) which was for the Hirst Arts Terrain and Casting. As I really enjoy building terrain and am looking for ideas or instruction of creating my own molds and just using molds in general, this seems right up my alley. I even own some 28mm size Hirst Arts molds but have yet to use them. This is mostly due to the transition from 28mm to 15mm gaming recently.

I am planning to drop into a convention sooner than that which is in an area where my company has an office. I may be out that way during the time of the convention but I don’t want to announce that trip until I lock in dates.

If you are planning on attending Adepticon drop me a line and maybe we can hook up for a game, discuss other new games or just grab a beverage or two as long as you’re of appropriate age of course! I am really excited about this experience and hope to run into some other people from the gaming community be it bloggers, YouTubers or just gamers.

Mold Casting Tutorial

First, let me share the fact that the channel Rubbish In Rubbish Out was one of the main reasons I got into miniature painting and gaming. Last year Viv shared a video that started showing how he creates his own silicone molds for casting. I even went as far as purchasing some materials to give this a try. Well work and other real life things caught up with me and I never followed through.

This morning I was in my home “office” watching some videos passing “time” and was getting caught up on some of his videos that I’ve missed the past few months. The one below was part one in a very well detailed process of how he makes his molds for casting. I just wanted to take the time here to share his great channel and this video. This video has inspired me to finish getting what I need to create some molds and give casting a try. This will only be used by me to create things such as terrain fences, rocks or maybe even some bases. I have no plans or intentions of creating items others have first only to take money out of their pockets. This should be a creative process and not a theft process.