Mold Casting Tutorial

First, let me share the fact that the channel Rubbish In Rubbish Out was one of the main reasons I got into miniature painting and gaming. Last year Viv shared a video that started showing how he creates his own silicone molds for casting. I even went as far as purchasing some materials to give this a try. Well work and other real life things caught up with me and I never followed through.

This morning I was in my home “office” watching some videos passing “time” and was getting caught up on some of his videos that I’ve missed the past few months. The one below was part one in a very well detailed process of how he makes his molds for casting. I just wanted to take the time here to share his great channel and this video. This video has inspired me to finish getting what I need to create some molds and give casting a try. This will only be used by me to create things such as terrain fences, rocks or maybe even some bases. I have no plans or intentions of creating items others have first only to take money out of their pockets. This should be a creative process and not a theft process.

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