Base Work Pak40 & Nebs

My previous basing mixture failed. The glue, baking soda and paint just didn’t have the consistency that I was looking for. I have switched back to my trusty old drywall plaster. Free time is in a premium for me these days but I was able to get an hour last night to work on some of my German Nebelwerfer and Pak40 units. The main thing with the drywall plaster is I have to remain patient with the application. I use a dental tool to apply the plaster which lets me get into small spaces with minimal effort or getting too much on pieces that I don’t want to. This isn’t always achieved but as long as I go in with a patient mentality I am usually alright.

The first units I worked on were my 3 Nebelwerfer bases which went fairly well. You can start to see how fast this stuff dries. Since its winter it is warm and dry in my house which may make this stuff dry faster than normal. It also dries faster with thinner layers.


You can already see the pink (wet) plaster drying around the edges becoming white. By the time I started working with the Pak40 guns not only were the Nebelwerfer bases half dried but the top layer in my little pail of plaster was starting to dry. I decided to call it a night after only a single Pak40 to prevent the unused plaster from drying out too much.



I have the weekend off work and am home and in town. I hope to not only finish the Pak40’s but also move onto some of my infantry units. I will keep the site updated with my progress as I can.


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