PSC 15mm Tiger I

I found some time a couple of days ago to crack open my box of Plastic Soldier Company’s Tiger I Tank kit. This kit comes with 4 sprue trees with not only the parts to make 4 tanks but also comes with instructions! I have to admit having instructions was a wonderful addition and something I was not used to with miniature wargaming models or figures.

I liked that the pieces and instructions give you options for 3 different time periods (Early, Mid & Late). All 33 pieces used to assemble a late era Tiger Tank went together well for me. There was very little cleaning needed on the parts. The only odd thing for me is the completely assembled tank is extremely light in weight and actually feels kind of awkward next to Battlefront or another pre-painted version I purchased.

I did a quick video review for this and posted it to my YouTube channel. You can view the video here.

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