Adepticon 2013

I will try this again. Last year I tried to attend my first gaming convention with plans for multiple throughout the year. Unfortunately, that didn’t happen. Work and other personal things prevented that from happening. I have scheduled my first convention this year and have even reserved my hotel. The first planned gaming convention of 2013 will be Adepticon in the Chicago, IL area.

adepticon 2013

I haven’t signed up for any tournament play for many reasons. These are mostly due to me not being familiar with rule sets of the games that I work on in the hobby. I haven’t played a game of Warhammer 40,000 in well over a year. I have played Malifaux in probably 6 months and I’ve yet to play more than an introduction or starter game of Flames of War.

So my big plan here is to witness a lot of these games and some others being played and maybe get in some pick up games here and there. I will be bringing some of my miniatures with me of course.

I have also signed up for a single technical session (or whatever they are called here) which was for the Hirst Arts Terrain and Casting. As I really enjoy building terrain and am looking for ideas or instruction of creating my own molds and just using molds in general, this seems right up my alley. I even own some 28mm size Hirst Arts molds but have yet to use them. This is mostly due to the transition from 28mm to 15mm gaming recently.

I am planning to drop into a convention sooner than that which is in an area where my company has an office. I may be out that way during the time of the convention but I don’t want to announce that trip until I lock in dates.

If you are planning on attending Adepticon drop me a line and maybe we can hook up for a game, discuss other new games or just grab a beverage or two as long as you’re of appropriate age of course! I am really excited about this experience and hope to run into some other people from the gaming community be it bloggers, YouTubers or just gamers.

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