15cm Nebelwerfers

I made a bit of progress on my German 15cm NW41 this week. I actually got all of my based models primed this past weekend. I used a camo green for all of my U.S. troops and a grey for my Germans. I had to do some traveling for work this week but packed up some paints, brushes and grabbed my case of German troops to take with me.

While I was in the hotel the first evening I managed to get some base coating down on most of the guns and flesh work. I am rather pleased how the guns are coming along and I hope after a wash they will be done. I don’t think I will even put black paint on the tires. I am thinking the wash will darken them enough. There will be some weathering taking place after that as I try to achieve a similar look to the one I used in my feature image. That image of course is from the spotlight page on the Flames of War website. If you haven’t been there you must check it out. I can’t get over the amount of information there. It goes beyond just selling people gaming pieces!













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