Flames of War 15cm NW

This is a showcase for my latest painted Flames of War models. These are the 15cm Neberwerfer rocket launchers for my German army. The models are made by Battlefront Miniatures and are in 15mm scale.

I learned a lot in painting up this platoon. Though it is too late for most of my forces, I prefer painting the models prior to basing them. I have much more control over the painting angles that way. Unfortunately, I have already based most of my American and German forces already.

I am sure I will go back and touch up a lot of things. The HD camera picks up a lot of things I didn’t see at first with the naked eye. It makes sense to me now, but I hadn’t noticed the chin straps of the helmets until after I recorded the 360 degree HD video. I look at it this way, I never stop learning and will know to look for that next time.

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