Grass Mats as Crops (15mm)

As I was browsing the web seeing videos and pictures of gaming tables I noticed various types of grass mats being used as crops which looked fairly well at the 15mm scale. I figured I would give it a shot and picked up a large welcome style grass mat. I will admit cutting it was really easy with a sharp utility knife. I simply turned it over so the backing was facing up and proceeded to cut a few different pieces. I had a couple of rectangles and a couple of irregular pieces so not everything on the table would look cookie cutter.

The pictures below show the scale with various Flames of War 15mm scale models. The only things I am thinking of doing additionally is to drybrush some lighter colored paint to the tops of them and maybe even add some dirt and/or fencing to some edges. But for quick down and dirty games this will due for now!








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